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 We've got your paws covered this winter. 

"Why purchase the bundles?"

"Is the starter park providing goods which are one size fits all?"

"Do you have yearly membership options?"

"If I chose to adopt a pet, will the bundles come with the pet adoption or do I need to pay separately? "

Our signature helping paw bundles are perfectly curated to help you meet your pets needs.

we highly recommend purchasing them to show your pet some extra love and care!

Our starter packs and any bundles we sell are

one size fits all! 

IT IS OUR GOAL TO PROVIDE THE perfect fit for your animal!


We do have yearly membership options.

thEY will soon be available on our site to create aN easier option for your soon-to-be pet!

The packages and bundles are sold separately.

OUR Delighted DOG DELUXE AND COMFORT CAT CARE BUNDLES will make your SHELTER pet'S transition into your home EASIER and will guide you on how to care for them!

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